Vino de coyol is a ferment made from the coyol palm (Acrocomia aculeata). Although it's called wine, it has no relation to wine and the fabrication process is completely different.

When the palm is cut down, the sap ferments and is collected to produce this beverage. Depending on the time of day, the sap will have different sugar content and taste, many prefer the wine produced at noon, that has the highest sugar content.

The fermentation process doesn't yield a very high alcohol content, but vino de coyol contains enzimes and substances that can cause effects similar to alcohol. According to popular culture, you become drunk when you step into the sun after drinking coyol. It's even said that the day after you drink, if you spend too much time outside, you'll become drunk again.

Vino de Coyol is found near Easter, mainly in Guanacaste. The places where it's usually produced are Nambi de Nicoya, and Santa Cruz.

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