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Location: Central, San Jose
Date of construction: 1891
Current use: Theater

The Variedades Theater is a close relative of the Teatro Nacional, and located only a block away. Variedades had the same origins as the Teatro Nacional: the lack of downtown theaters that ensued after several private ventures went belly-up. Only in this case, it was a private entrepreneur, Tomas Garcia, who decided to place a wager on this theater.

The facade was remodelled in 1917, to give it the neobarroque look it currently has. When motion pictures came about, the name was changed from Teatro Variedades to Cine Variedades, by which it is known to current generations.

The economic crisis in the local movie theater industry prompted the owners to put an end to Variedades a few years back. The proposal was met with public outcry, fearing that the building would be torn down or altered in a way that would destroy its historic relevance. As a result, the project was scrapped and the theater continues to function.

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