The Costa Rica Wiki is a community-based open project. We neither request nor accept sponsors.

All contributions must comply with the non-commercial nature of this project. Contributions that blatantly publicize a product, service, or company, or those whose intentions are more commercial than informative, will be rejected or removed. If you write a nice, neutral and informative article, and it gets visitors to your website, wonderful. If, in a nutshell, you write up an advertisement for your website disguised as a contribution, it's gonna get removed.

You may not add a link to your website on your contributed articles, unless it's relevant to the content. Use your wikia profile to direct people to your website.

All products, locations, and services mentioned in the wiki, are on a need-to-mention basis: their names appear solely because they make good examples or are the only known references for a certain purpose. Any mention in this wiki of a product, location or service should not be taken as an endorsement in any way unless explicitly stated, in which case it should be interpreted as an endorsement solely by the author of that mention. 

Mentioning does not equal quality. When I travelled to Europe, I stayed at hostels near my destination, and loved every minute of it. I speak highly of the hostels I visited to people I meet. However when my parents went to Europe, they were horrified at my suggestions, and wondered how in the heck anyone might even remotely consider staying there. What another person might find excellent, you may find crappy. So do your research before you jump in.

Places and services mentioned in listings (i.e. restaurants, malls, etc) are there for obvious reasons. Their listing does not constitute endorsement or guarantee of quality in any way.