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Location: Amon, San Jose
Date of construction: 1896
Current use: School

This building, made up entirely of steel panels and elements, dates back to the era of Gustave Eiffel. Though it is rumored to have been designed by Eiffel himself, truth is it was designed by Charles Thirio, a local architect.

In Europe, the steel industry was booming in the 1890's, which prompted Thirio to design a building and showcase all the benefits of steel construction. The designs were sent to Belgium, where the pieces were made and shipped by ocean liner. The building was assembled and completed in about 4 years. It was immediately purchased by the government, who considered it a unique demonstration of modern construction.

The building has always housed schools, and continues to do so to this day. On top of the main entrance is a statue of the goddess Minerva of wisdom.

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