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Costa Rica is a popular destination nowadays. People come from all over the world to tour the country, meet the people, and enjoy the sights and sounds. Some even like it so much that they wind up staying.

The Costa Rica Wiki is an information repository dealing with many different aspects of life here. Everything from language, to getting around the country, to the food and sights can be found on the wiki. We hope this project will provide you with useful information to plan your trip.

We are a community-based project. Feel free to have a look around, comment, and even share any information you think could help expand and better this site. This project is a work in progress, and is far from over. Every day we're adding new photos and info, so keep checking back every so often and see what's new!


  • Category:Getting around how to travel the country, public transportation, street addresses, GPS navigation
  • Category:Wildlife has important information and reference on commonly seen species of insects and animals
  • Category:Food describes the more common foods found in Costa Rica and their ingredients.
  • Category:Health and safety important information on health, police, hospitals and emergency services.
  • Category:Everyday life explains some of the more common day to day aspects of life in Costa Rica
  • Category:Society and culture deals with the people of Costa Rica, political systems, and cultural aspects of the country.
  • Category:About learn all about this wiki, our copyleft policy, our take on sponsorships and endorsements, and how you can help by translating into other languages.

Touring guides, lists and information

  • Money and currency exchange: how to exchange your money in Costa Rica, and get the most out of it.
  • Stuff to do in Costa Rica is a list of places to visit and things you can do in Costa Rica. It contains some of the more popular destinations, as well as lesser known but worthwhile trips you can make.
  • Category:Landmarks contains information on commonly used landmarks and buildings
  • Category:Historic buildings contains information on buildings that are of historic importance in Costa Rica
  • Category:Protected buildings contains information on special buildings and sites, which are protected by law because of their significance
  • Couchsurfing : yes, there's a CS community in Costa Rica!

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Stuff you might see in Costa Rica: