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The content on this wiki may be freely reused and redistributed, for noncommercial purposes. You may take content from this wiki, elaborate on it, and incorporate it into your own works, as long as you properly credit the source through a standard reference or quote. Any material of your own which incorporates content from this wiki must allow free reuse and redistribution by third parties. 

In other words, you may take a description of a historic building given in this wiki and copy-paste it into that informative booklet you're making. However:

  1. You must credit the source, i.e. Costa Rica wiki.
  2. You must allow free access to the parts of your informative booklet that use the wiki's material, and make the content freely available for reuse by others under these same conditions.

Before submitting that photo or textEdit

Please make sure you have the right to do so, if the photo or text is not yours. Respect any restrictions and copyrights the original authors may have over their material, and properly cite and reference them.

If your content has been used inappropriatelyEdit

if you are the author of images, video or other media which has been inappropriately used on this wiki, and can provide sufficient proof of ownership, please contact the admins in order to rectify the situation.