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Location: Barrio Mexico, San Jose
Date of construction: 1930
Current use: Abandoned/Restoration

The Botica Solera was one of San Jose's well known drugstores, before giant drugstore chains came about in the 1980's. The building itself is a symbol of the Art Deco era, and was modelled imitating buildings such as the Flatiron in New York or the Metropolis in Madrid.

The concept was similar to the Metropolis and the Flatiron in that the wide, frequented street running north to south would meet the triangular building head on, displaying its architectural features and using the building to naturally direct traffic flows.

Suburbanization in the late 1970's caused this area of the city to depopulate and become abandoned. With few permanent customers, the drugstore went broke and the building closed down.

The original owners died, leaving the building to over 20 heirs and claim holders. The legal battles that ensued left the building in a stalemate, during which it was occupied and looted by the homeless. Finally through a series of government grants and municipal negotiations, the building was turned over to the state and restored. It will eventually house a library and cultural center.</description>

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