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Location: Central, San Jose
Date of construction: Not available
Current use: Ministerio de Hacienda (Government)

This building was witness to one of the greatest financial debacles in the history of Costa Rica. Originally it was occupied by the Banco Anglo, a state owned bank.

Banco Anglo was established in 1863, predating Banco Nacional and Banco de Costa Rica by several decades. Predating even the Central Bank of Costa Rica, in its early years the Anglo was authorized to print its own bills, several of these bills still exist in monetary museums and collections all over the country. It had a large part in financing the coffee bonanza of the 1900's, and was later converted to the state banking model established by the Central Bank.

In the early 1990s, the Anglo invested in a series of high-risk bonds, which would later fall through and end up generating a catastrophic loss. Aside from the high-risk bond investments, financial speculation had given way to some very large loans, which also fell through and could not be recovered. In December 1994, after a legal intervention spanning several months and bailing attempts, Anglo was declared bankrupt and closed down.

It's central offices, that used to be located in this building, are now occupied by the government Tax Service and Ministry.

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